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Q & A: Detailed Career Insights with Amanda

Q & A: Amanda L speaks to the level of accuracy and helpfulness of the readings

Did you find the reading(s) helpful? In what way?

I found the reading very helpful - the level of accuracy was quite high — i.e., over 80%.

Were there any insights you found very helpful? Please give examples.

Also it was good that they reading was a lot of description of details, and feeling and energy which helped a lot. — i.e., disruption, change, intensity.

It was not the type of reading that is short on details after checking each one and therefore sparodic. Initially there may be the feeling of aloofness or coolness — but this is overcome by the rich information. There were details on how I was feeling in my work, how my interaction was with my work organisation and certain people, and how this was seen from an outside perspective which was very helpful.

Was there any career insights you found very helpful? Please give an example.

She also then went into my personality and how that ties in to my work strengths for example, which was great, and the effect of others on me. Angel also gave helpful advice on what I may consider or do to improve things at work which was great and described visions she saw of potentialities — which show good clairvoyance and connection with guides.

Any extra comments?

I then had specific questions that she was able to answer reasonably easily with helpful real life details rather than metaphors for example, and was able to give a time frame which is great. She was able to go into a variety of areas — work, friends, family, and health.

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