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Q & A: Predicted Significant Rise in Career

Lexi makes significant leaps in her career

Since I last spoke with you, I have made major career advancements. I am not at the pay I wish to be at, but my responsibilities are more in line with my interests and I have potential for a raise or a promotion by the end of this year! When you gave me a reading in February, I was still an editor. Shortly after your reading, my company made major business changes, and though I was lucky to not have been let go, I was even luckier to be able to explore a new career line with the change. Now I am a host and a producer on multiple successful tiktok channels through my company. Your advice was to stay at my place of employment because a better opportunity suited for me would rise in the spring. and it did!

Thank you for your readings thus far, both have been beneficial and accurate to my life!

1. What career question(s) did you have in mind before you had the reading?

To answer your questions:When I had my reading in February, I was dissatisfied with my job and actively looking to go somewhere else, though I was unsure of what line of work I should pursue anymore, since editing was making me unhappy. I was asking for a direction more or less, on what I should do.

2. Did the reading(s) provide helpful direction or advice on career or in some other categories? 

You felt as though someone at my company would offer me better opportunities, and I'd get to do more management type work. You described the exact responsibilities of a producer without knowing, and within a few months by July or August, I was a full on producer.The decision I made based on the reading you gave me was to stay where I was and wait for an opportunity to present itself. Before your reading, I was looking for new jobs, applying, and interviewing almost every day. I decided to stop the search and feel out what this big change in my company would do for me. Now I feel like I'm one of the only people that actually benefited from the big change.I don't think my intention of the reading in February was to learn about my career future, but that's how it turned out. I've had a year focused on my career and social life, thanks to your help and delving further into my own interest in the universe and astrology etc, I feel that I have landed in a good spot career wise. Though I'm still not 100% where I want to be, I think I am where I am supposed to be *right now.* Eventually I'd like to leave the corporate office and be my own creator, my own business, my own boss. But the job I have now is helping me learn skills that'll help me succeed in that.

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