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Q &A: Increased Clarity on Career Path

A client receives confirmation on being on the right career path

1. What career question(s) did you have in mind before you had the reading? 

Before the reading, I was curious whether I was on the right path in my career, and if not, what direction I need to shift to or areas I can explore. 

2. Did the reading provide helpful direction or advice on career or in some other category? 

Yes, I felt the reading helped me clarify areas to explore and confirmed that the journey I am on requires patience while understanding that I will do great things.

3. How is your career now? Were there any changes that occurred as a result of the reading?

My career situation is the same, in the sense that I am doing the same work as I was before the reading. However, the reading provided me with the confidence to believe that I am where I need to be and encouraged me to have fun and express myself more creatively. I've taken that feedback and integrated it into my life by moving the process along with a personal creative project that I am working on and signing up for an architecture class to see if that is a creative avenue I enjoy. I've been prioritizing creativity and being inquisitive. It's been great.

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