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Angel Dawn —
A Medium Near Me

Looking for a Medium near me? Work with a Certified Psychic Medium to connect with your loved ones.


Mediumship Readings with Angel Dawn

Connect with your loved ones again.

"Totally amazing reading! Like gold."


⧝  Certified Spiritual Advisor through LWISSD
Certified Advanced Psychic Medium
⧝  Trained in Evidential Mediumship

⧝  Bringing forth strong evidence of life after death
Also specialized in Animal Mediumship

⧝  Dedicated to serving spirit

⧝  Messages brought forth from the other side

⧝  Works with the highest integrity
Bringing loved ones back to life


A Medium's Dedication

Dear seeker — Regardless of our beliefs of the after life, it's always very difficult losing loved ones. The veil between two worlds can feel like an endless brick wall at times. My job, as a Spiritual Medium is to bridge those two worlds to remind you that are loved ones are always around. This is a sacred art and spiritual service that I take seriously.


Mediumship has been practiced in many ancient cultures and societies around the world and I am here to carry on that tradition and hopefully elevate it to even greater heights. I'm invested in giving spirit the means to speak to us to remind you that our lives and this world is only temporal — that love carries on.

Love, Angel


Reasons to Work With Me

Accurate, Insightful Medium Readings Near Me

Angel is a blind-tested, certified Spiritual Advisor and Advanced Psychic Medium who has had thousands of hours of intense training from many of the world's Top Psychic Mediums, Evidential Mediums, and Schools in the US and England. Her dedication to excellence and service to the spirit world is unparalleled.

• Certified Spiritual Advisor with LWISSD
• Blind-Tested, Certified Psychic Medium with LWISSD
• Investigated and Vetted Psychic Medium with Bob Olson's Best Psychic Directory
• Certified Psychic with JVP
• Member of the Worldwide Spiritualist's National Union (SNUi)

A Caring and Ethical Spiritual Medium

"Angel Dawn serves to bridge that chasm between the spirit and earthly world"

Losing loved ones is very hard and Angel Dawn serves to bridge that chasm between the spirit and earthly world. Sometimes loved ones passed under traumatic circumstances, so there is great care given to delivering information with sensitivity. Furthermore, she works at bringing loved ones back to life and bringing forth as much detailed evidence as possible to allow the recipient to be sure that it is there loved ones. This is called "Evidential Mediumship" as codified in the British schools of Mediumship.

A Confidential & Nurturing Space

Confidential Psychic Readings

All information communicated between the Medium and recipient is absolutely confidential. This is a safe, private space to feel comfortable receiving information and sharing personal experiences if desired. There is no judgment. Only understanding and compassion. 

Hand and sky orb

Potential Breakthroughs in Healing

Sometimes there are words unsaid, wounds that have festered, and guilt that has not resolved. In her mediumship, Angel works to create a deep healing by serving the needs of the spirit communicator and that of the recipient who may be still grieving. Nothing is as powerful as hearing directly from your loved ones. Work with a masterful Spiritual Medium and Guide who has the highest intentions in mind. 

Note: Mediumship is one-way communication. Having a specific loved one come through is not always guaranteed.

Mediumship Reading

The medium connects to an individual's loved ones in spirit to bring forth evidence of life after death. Often messages are also communicated from spirit for the purposes of hope, healing and closure after their passing.

Cloud encircling mountains peaks

 — Julia T.

practical advice and endless kindness. After the session I felt like the weight was lifted off my shoulders and I could see my life in a profoundly new, positive way. Thank you for this truly soul healing experience.

Angel has very deep, accurate insights,


Loved ones are always around us whether we are aware of them or not.


Evidential Psychic Medium
Certified Spiritual Advisor

Spiritual Teacher


At any moment, you have a choice, that either leads you closer to your spirit or further away from it.

— Thich Nhat Hanh, global spiritual leader, poet, and peace activist

Angel Dawn is a Certified Spiritual Advisor with Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development
Angel Dawn is a Certified Spiritual Advisor with Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development
Angel Dawn is a member of the American Federation of Astrologers - AFA
Angel Dawn on Best Psychic Directory
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