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Ongoing spiritual guidance for
transforming your life

Intuitive Guidance
Life Transformation
Spiritual Counsel


  • Best Value

    Life Transformation

    Every year
    Transform your life with spiritual intuitive guidance
    • 3 sessions per year (Psychic Intuitive or Mediumship)
    • One can mix and match the type of service
    • Understand the most positively affirming life choices
    • Address difficult choices or concerns
    • A well-rounded suite of guidance to supercharge your success
    • Remove blocks in your personal life and career
    • Find clarity with your soul purpose & stay on track
    • Transformative guidance led by spirit and divine guidance
  • Intuitive Guidance

    Every year
    Deep intuitive insights to live your best life
    • 2 Sessions — Psychic Intuitive (Please book every 6 months)
    • 1 Session — Spiritual Counseling Session
    • Spirit-driven guidance to take your life to the next level
    • Receive deep insights to pressing issues
    • Maximize your soul's life potential and beyond
  • Spiritual Counsel

    Every month
    Deepen spiritual understanding & receive healing insights
    • Ongoing monthly sessions customized to your concerns
    • Discussion of simple to advanced spiritual concepts
    • Guidance on developing spiritual gifts
    • Therapeutic discussions about personal problems or traumas
    • Non-judgmental space to express your deepest emotions
    • Examination of self-defeating thought patterns and attitudes
    • Energetic healing and clearings on an "as needed" basis
    • Powerful spiritual insights
    • Accelerating your road to deep spiritual illumination
    • Self-empowerment, clarity and inspiration
  • Predictive Astrology

    Every year
    Predictive Psychic Astrology Guidance for Greater Success
    • Quarterly Astrological Forecasts (Every 3 months)
    • 4 sessions in a year
    • Powerful future insights based on your Natal chart
    • One-of-a kind Predictive Psychic Astrology
    • Detailed influences for the upcoming 3 months
    • Personalized research & insights
    • Anticipate beneficial influences and challenges
    • $780 Value (Saving of $80)
    • Priority Bookings
  • Astrology Mentorship

    For beginners looking to fast-track their knowledge
    • 4 One-on-one sessions that can be scheduled at your pace
    • Initial 30 min consultation to assess knowledge
    • Training in foundational Astrology and Psychic Astrology
    • One-on-one training personalized to the individual
    • Understanding the language: Signs, glyphs, planets, houses..
    • Learning the ability to interpret a natal chart expertly
    • More advanced topics TBD: Transits, Progressions, Horoscopes
  • Astrology COMPLETE

    Deep and comprehensive psychological analysis of your chart
    Valid for 3 months
    • FOUR separate sessions analyzing every aspect of one's chart
    • A deep psychological analysis of strengths & weaknesses
    • Analyzing your astrological modalities and elements
    • Understanding your chart ruler & your cardinal cross
    • Looking into your past karma and the future destiny
    • Understanding your soul purpose as well as challenges
    • Inner & Outer Planets: dignities, debilities, and aspects
    • Analyzing major cosmic configurations & patterns
    • Looking into current major transits & secondary progressions
    • Understanding retrogrades energies
Psychic Astrology
Astrology Mentorship
Astrology Complete
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