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"Knowledge is power"


"An unexamined life is not worth living."



This must-have handy astrology chart interpretation based on your birth information is a comprehensive explanation of many critical chart points including your sun sign, rising sign, moon sign, planets, planets in houses, major astrological configurations and planetary aspects in one single report. Save time and frustration trying to figure out one's birth chart by accessing this treasure trove of in-depth explanations about oneself as a tool for personal growth, self-knowledge and success.


Futhermore, you will be able to understand all the major influences shaping your personality, destiny, strengths, weaknesses and more through one of the most professional and well-written astrology reports available today. This report also includes technical information regarding the relative importance of certain aspects by the orb of influence or strength of influence measured by degrees.


There is also a handy glossary at the end to explain the more complex terms.


Note: Your custom report will be emailed to the email on file in 1 to 3 days.

In the checkout, "add note" section, please add:

  • Name of individual

  • Birth date (month / day / year)

  • Birth time (hour : minute : am/pm)

  • Birth city (city, country)


You may download a sample report in the meantime. Your custom report is complimentary with the session: "Psychic Astrology for the Soul" and is an adjunct reather than a replacement for a professional reading. 


Your Natal Chart Interpretation

$29.00 Regular Price
$24.00Sale Price
  • PDF

  • 21-25

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