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Q & A: Achieving Greater Well-being in Work & Life

Yvonne understands the impact of balance on her health and well-being

Q: Did you find the reading(s) helpful? In what way?

A: Yes, the readings have given me clarity around ways to balance work/life, spirituality and health.I appreciate the insight around the use of symbols to deepen my level of understanding spirituality. I work with Archangel Metatron. I was always drawn to Metatron’s cube. The insight around working and harnessing it more has reignited my interest.

Q: Were there any career insights you found very helpful? If not, what other insights were helpful? Please give an example.

A: Yes, I work in a fast paced, deadline driven environment where it’s easy, as Angel mentioned, to get frazzled and feel rushed all the time.Twice in less than a year, we were short staffed. I was doing the job of two people during our busiest times. Unfortunately, as Angel stressed, important things like my health and sanity were taking a hit. I received insight about my upper extremities and things happening physically. I wound up having a non stress test due to chest pains, which is not the norm for me. I’ve always managed to remain calm despite the work environment. I appreciate the reminder to take time to observe and smell the roses.In addition, I received validation around my supervisor. We have a good relationship. At times, there is friction with our philosophies. I empower others and she likes to hand hold. As Angel validated, anyone who gets on her bad side will have challenges. I’m honest, but I tread carefully.Also, I have no emotional attachment to my work environment. These words are exactly how I view my job. My role is to get things done not get emotionally consumed by it.

Q: Were there any positive changes in your life or shifts in perspective attributed to the readings? What were they?

A: Yes, I am grateful for the insight to be mindful when I’m eating! I have a tendency to multitask. As Angel mentioned, if I’m eating, I’m still working, reading or catching up with messages on my cell! I don’t take the time to be still, quiet and enjoy my meals.Also, It’s getting cooler in New England. I drink a lot of smoothies and juices. My perspective has shifted to begin adding warm veggie or miso broths. I find my digestive system handles warmer liquids best during this time of the year. 

Any additional feedback?

A: I appreciate Angel’s direct and honest readings. She gets to the core of what’s happening and ways to work through the current situation.

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