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  • Natal Astrology Comprehensive | 75min

    "Self-knowledge is the foundation of real success" —Rachel Simmons Know thyself. This session is a deep dive into your inherent talents, strengths, weaknesses, personality, psychological profile, career, karmic soul patterns and destiny and more, using your precise time of birth. This birth chart becomes the road map of your soul's intended mission and experiences in this lifetime that is unique to you, and only you. In this session, the natal promise or "strong likely outcomes" will be looked at in regards to relationships, career, finances and any other areas of personal significance so that you can maximize this knowledge for the most positive benefit to you. Both advanced astrology and psychic intuitive abilities will be utilized to achieve a truly in-depth analysis in what is called "Psychic Astrology" Note: This session is primarily focused on a deep natal chart interpretation with a preview of the future. For a detailed focus on future trends and coming events, please refer to the other services: "Predictive Astrology" or "Predictive Astrology — 3 months." You will receive a complimentary generated Astrology report post reading. Possible areas to be covered: • Inherent gifts and talents to be developed and/or utilized • Soul challenges and karma • Every major aspect of life through the 12 houses • Destiny points • Overarching life themes • Career and life purpose • Relationship patterns and needs • Hidden insights Note: • An accurate birth date (to the precise minute), time and place will be needed. • Please refer to the FAQ for any further questions ___ Other Packages & Plans: • For comprehensive predictions of the next 3 months, please refer to "Predictive Psychic Astrology." • For detailed prediction of the coming 3 months on an ongoing basis, please refer to the "Predictive Astrology Plan." • For the deepest, most comprehensive analysis of your chart, please refer to the 4-session package, "Astrology Complete"

  • Mediumship Spirit Communication

    In a Mediumship reading, a connection is made to a loved one in spirit and as much evidence is brought forth to bring the person to life confirm life after death. This is called "Evidential Mediumship." Any messages from the spirit person is relayed to the recipient. As the medium, I translate messages from the spiritual realm to the recipient to providing insights, closure, and healing to the loved ones here on earth. Online Audio Zoom Session Note: In this session, I make an organic connection, connecting to a loved one who chooses to step forward. There are no guarantees that a specific loved one will choose to come. Connecting to spirit is similar to a one-way phone call.

  • Animal Communication

    Animal communication comprises two different intentions that may or may not be combined in one session. In the first one, a psychic connection is made to a current living animal companion in order to understand its innermost needs and concerns. The animal communicator become the voice and mind of the animal for the purposes of expressing what is vitally important to its guardian. In the 2nd form of animal communication, a mediumship connection is made to the spirit of a deceased animal companion. Evidential information is given to verify the continuation of existence, whereupon, messages of love, healing or comfort are communicated from the other side. Benefits: • Understand what your animal is thinking and feeling • Understand their needs and whether they are happy • Potentially understand if there is anything physically bothering them (This is not a replacement for a veterinarian visit) • Connect more deeply with your beloved animal companion Online Zoom Session Note: For readings of living pets, the animal should be brought to the session in person, unless extenuating circumstances prevent it.

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