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  • Spiritual Counsel

    Do you need a safe, loving space to express any traumas or worries and have them addressed from a higher spiritual context? Are you seeking to obtain answers to the pressing spiritual questions of your life and existence? To understand why things are the way they are? In this session, I answer your spiritual questions and provide a nurturing space to discuss one's problems in a dynamic interactive discussion to help fast-track your spiritual understanding of this reality, the spirit world and your role in it. I help you to uncover your personal truths as well as deepen your grasp of key concepts such as the nature of the spirit world, life after death, reincarnation, suffering, and many more concepts... No spiritual question is too great or small. I also provide counsel on developing one's spiritual gifts such as: mediumship, intuition and more. This is also a wonderful, healing and safe space for discussing personal issues, whereupon I can help you extract the deeper spiritual meaning behind it. I utilize my deep spiritual knowledge, wisdom and spirit-driven insights for your understanding and ultimate benefit to bring greater clarity to your life and existence itself. Oftentimes, understanding of the why's and how's provides a powerful form of healing and acceptance. Areas that may be covered depending on querent's need: • Sessions customized to the individual's needs and understanding • Discussion of simple to advanced spiritual concepts • Guidance on developing spiritual gifts • Self-empowerment, clarity and inspiration for your life • Therapeutic discussions about personal problems or traumas • A loving, non-judgmental space to express your deepest feelings and emotions • Examination of self-defeating thought patterns and attitudes • Energetic healing and clearings on an "as needed" basis • Powerful spiritual insights • Accelerating your road to spiritual illumination Recommended: Please view my *Plan* which provides this session as series of monthly spiritual counsel enabling continuity of discussions and the ability to cover a range of topics. These sessions may be scheduled weekly on request. Note: These are discussions, not intuitive sessions. Please refer to my other services for those needs. __ Packages & Plans • For ongoing spiritual counseling and intensive learning, please refer to "Spiritual Counsel."

  • Psychic Astrology for the Soul — 1.25 Hr

    This session is a deep dive into your soul's inherent talents, strengths, weaknesses, personality, psychological profile, career, karmic soul patterns and destiny and more, using your precise time of birth. The "natal promise," will also be addressed. Finally, a broad overview of what to anticipate in the future will be touched upon. In Psychic Astrology, the astrological chart is interpreted through Astrology AND psychic skills to create a more accurate and unique synthesis that may be richer and more specific than a traditional astrology reading or psychic reading alone. Possible Areas to be covered: • Inherent gifts and talents to be developed and/or utilized • Soul challenges and karma • Destiny points • Overarching life themes • Career and life purpose • Relationship patterns, needs and expert guidance • Hidden insights The analyses may use multiple, sophisticated astrological tools: • Natal chart (birth chart) • Secondary progressions • Declinations • Declination progressions Note: • An accurate birth date, time and place will be needed. • 30 minutes of my time is spent in preparation and research prior to your actual 45 min reading with me. This reading involves approximately 1.25 hours of my time. • Please refer to the FAQ for any further questions ___ Other Packages & Plans: • For comprehensive predictions of the next 3 months, please refer to "Predictive Psychic Astrology." • For detailed prediction of the coming 3 months on an ongoing basis, please refer to the "Predictive Astrology Plan." • For the deepest, most comprehensive analysis of your chart, please refer to the 4-session package, "Astrology Complete"

  • Predictive Psychic Astrology — 3 Months

    Note: This session is for 1.25 hours. 30 min of private analysis of your chart with a 45 min reading In this session, the focus will be in-depth predictions and a deep dive into future events covering the next 3 months using Psychic Astrology. Psychic Astrology merges the interpretation of Astrology charts with a more intuitive, "psychic," analysis. Here is where the power and magic of Astrology come to life, to empower the individual to make the best choices with the constantly changing energies at play in the universe in each person's life. This session is best done every 3 months as many things change on an astrological level during that time. There is a plan available to obtain guidance on an ongoing basis to supercharge success. Benefits: • Overview of natal chart psychological profile • Anticipation of coming events of either a positive or challenging nature • Ability to harness the coming energies for the best possible outcome • Guidance on how best to navigate future scenarios • Awareness of potential pitfalls or the ability to take advantage of energetic pathways to greater abundance or opportunities • Developmental opportunities disguised as challenges • Some long-term influences and predictions may be covered. Various aspects be looked at: • The "Natal Promise" of your birth chart including your psychological makeup • Secondary Progressions using the progressed planets, progressed house cusps, and particularly the progressed moon • Transiting Planets ___ Other Packages & Plans • For detailed prediction of the coming 3 months on an ongoing basis, please refer to the "Predictive Astrology Plan."

  • Psychic Intuitive Reading — 45 Min

    In a psychic reading, a soul-to-soul connection between the intuitive and the recipient is created where the recipient's aura, energy, guides and higher self is accessed to bring forth relevant and necessary information for the individual's awareness and ultimate benefit. Each individual is surrounded by an energetic field of energy that hold a record of all emotions, actions and potential. This is the field that I tap into. Ultimately, whatever information that comes through will be for the highest benefit of the individual, whether that relates to more practical matters of Career, Relationships, Family, Finances, Home, and Health or matters related to soul and spirituality. All information given is intended for clarification, guidance, and the empowerment of the individual on their chosen path. ___ Other Packages & Plans • For ongoing psychic guidance, life-transformative results, spirit communication and guidance, refer to "Life Transformation." • For ongoing psychic guidance, life-transformative results, and deeper spiritual insights refer to "Intuitive Guidance."

  • Psychic Relationship Astrology — 1.25 Hr

    Is this a solid relationship? Do we have what it takes for the long haul? What challenges do we face? In this session, I will be using astrological synastry, composite and partner progressed charts to analyze the compatibility between you and another person whether it be romantic, business, a family member or friendship. I will be able to see how you both effect each other: the positives and the negatives, what brings you two together, past life dynamics (if it exists) and ultimately the meaning of this relationship. This analysis is very illuminating and allows me look into future transits or events the relationship will face. Online Audio Zoom Session. Note: • An accurate birth date, time and place will be needed for both people. • 30 minutes of my time is spent in preparation and research prior to your actual 45 min reading with me. This reading involves approximately 1.25 hours of my time. • In the notes, please specify the type of relationship.

  • Beginners Intuitive Astrology Mentorship

    Join me on a personalized and intensive training through the world of astrology customized to your skill level. We will cover all the fundamentals of astrology including: • Understanding the basics • Understanding astrology from a spiritual perspective • Interpreting your own natal chart • Having the tools to interpret other natal charts • Further one-on-one classes will dive into other areas of astrology including synastry charts, progressed charts, solar arcs and more... Students may sign up for a module of 4 classes here. These may be repeated indefinitely going in to more advanced topics over time:

  • Mediumship Spirit Communication — 45 Min

    In a Mediumship reading, a connection is made to a loved one in spirit and as much evidence is brought forth to bring the person to life confirm life after death. This is called "Evidential Mediumship." Any messages from the spirit person is relayed to the recipient. As the medium, I translate messages from the spiritual realm to the recipient to providing insights, closure, and healing to the loved ones here on earth. Online Audio Zoom Session Note: In this session, I make an organic connection, connecting to a loved one who chooses to step forward. There are no guarantees that a specific loved one will choose to come. Connecting to spirit is similar to a one-way phone call.

  • Spiritual Assessment

    This assessment is designed for anybody who seeks greater guidance for their spiritual practice and evolution, but it is particularly helpful for those who seek to develop their spiritual gifts — such as Healers, Intuitives, Medium, and more. In this session, in concert with your spiritual guides and higher self, I look into where you are now and and where you are headed. I look into your gifts and any that are undiscovered or yet to be developed. I also give guidance on what areas can be improved and the means to improve them. All this is designed to to validate your journey and give you the tools to proceed with greater knowledge and confidence on your spiritual path.

  • Animal Communication — 45 Min

    Animal communication comprises two different intentions that may or may not be combined in one session. In the first one, a psychic connection is made to a current living animal companion in order to understand its innermost needs and concerns. The animal communicator become the voice and mind of the animal for the purposes of expressing what is vitally important to its guardian. In the 2nd form of animal communication, a mediumship connection is made to the spirit of a deceased animal companion. Evidential information is given to verify the continuation of existence, whereupon, messages of love, healing or comfort are communicated from the other side. Benefits: • Understand what your animal is thinking and feeling • Understand their needs and whether they are happy • Potentially understand if there is anything physically bothering them (This is not a replacement for a veterinarian visit) • Connect more deeply with your beloved animal companion Online Zoom Session Note: For readings of living pets, the animal should be brought to the session in person, unless extenuating circumstances prevent it.