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  • Psychic Intuitive Guidance

    In a psychic reading, a soul-to-soul connection between the intuitive and the recipient is created where the recipient's aura, energy, guides and higher self is accessed to bring forth relevant and necessary information for the individual's awareness and ultimate benefit. Each individual is surrounded by an energetic field of energy that hold a record of all emotions, actions and potential. This is the field that I tap into. Ultimately, whatever information that comes through will be for the highest benefit of the individual, whether that relates to more practical matters of Career, Relationships, Family, Finances, Home, and Health or matters related to soul and spirituality. All information given is intended for clarification, guidance, and the empowerment of the individual on their chosen path. ___ Other Packages & Plans • For ongoing psychic guidance, life-transformative results, spirit communication and guidance, refer to "Life Transformation." • For ongoing psychic guidance, life-transformative results, and deeper spiritual insights refer to "Intuitive Guidance."

  • Psychic + Astrology PREDICTIVE | 90 min

    Note: This session involves a 15-20 minute psychic reading, 30 min minimum of independent research to analyze your chart and then a 45 min one-on-one session to present my analysis for a total of 90 minutes. A Natal Astrology session is strongly recommended before doing Predictive Astrology. This comprehensive session is a combined experience that allows one to reap the full benefits of two different powerful metaphysical disciplines: that of the Psychic Sciences and that of Predictive Astrology to understand what you need to know and what to anticipate in the coming months ahead, sometimes even much further ahead. This can provide a very multi-faceted picture of present and future forces that gives confirmation of present life circumstances or what one is planning to do. Everything in life happens by design. This is wonderful for those who cannot decide between different types of services or who would like to benefit from the power of both. This session can be a wonderful adjunct to the Predictive Astrology session. Psychic — Possible areas to be covered: • Spirit-driven guidance • Understanding of the present moment and how to navigate it • Knowing what is of importance right now • Future developments or events in career, family, relationships, finances, etc... Predictive Astrology — Possible areas to be covered: • Upcoming trends and influences in any area of life • Potential insights and guidance into how to best deal with these developments • Insights into the birth year themes. Note: • An accurate birth date (to the precise minute), time and place will be needed. • Very specific questions regarding the astrological chart are best served in a Horary Astrology Session which will be offered in the future. • Please refer to the FAQ for any further questions ___ Other Packages & Plans: • For a deep analysis of one's natal chart, please refer to "Psychic Astrology" • For comprehensive predictions of the next 3 months, please refer to "Predictive Psychic Astrology." • For detailed prediction of the coming 3 months on an ongoing basis, please refer to the "Predictive Astrology Plan." • For the deepest, most comprehensive analysis of your chart, please refer to the 4-session package, "Astrology Complete"

  • Predictive Astrology — 3 Months | 75 min

    Note: This session involves 75 min of my time total: 30 min minimum of independent research to analyze your chart and then a 45 min one-on-one session to present my analysis. A Natal Astrology session is strongly recommended before booking a Predictive Astrology session. --- Find out about the trends, motivations and changes that will be happening in the next 3 months with a more detailed month-by month focus in areas covering some or all of these areas: career, finances, relationships, home, family, and more. The changing energies around us brings us gifts and challenges to continue our soul evolution and range of experiences. Astrology becomes a supremely powerful tool to anticipate these upcoming trends and how to best respond to them in a way that is positive and not self-defeating. Note that Psychic Astrology merges the interpretation of Astrology charts with a more intuitive, "psychic," analysis. Here is where the power and accuracy of Astrology comes to life, to empower the individual to handle these energies with grace in a physical existence where everything is constantly changing. This session can be done every 3 months to provide a detailed roadmap of the trends, events, and influences ahead. Note: An ongoing plan is available for consistent counseling year-round for maximal benefit in many areas of life. What will be covered: • Any significant trends triggered by planetary events • Interpretation using various charts, tools and techniques • Internal psychological development and its manifestation in the physical world • How to harness the coming energies in the most constructive manner • Seeing challenges disguised as actual growth opportunities • Any long-term influences and predictions that are relevant to the upcoming period Note Any specific questions regarding the future including outcomes, yes or no questions, etc... are best answered in a horary astrology session which will be provided in the future. ___ Also see related plans and packages: • For a more broader prediction of the coming 6 months, please refer to the session "Predictive Psychic Astrology" • For a highly detailed predictions and guidance for the coming 3 months on an ongoing basis, refer to "Predictive Astrology Plan."

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