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Jennifer H.

Angel and I have worked together many times in readings and I simply adore her sight and her talents. Her POV is as elegant as her persona and she is a very real and inspiring medium. I am always happy and excited to be read by her. She has always been absolutely accurate in her readings for me and has a deep understanding about spiritual matters and human relationships. She grasps the esoteric but can give very practical ideas about day to day matters too. She gathers information that is creative and spirit filled that will strengthen your creative perceptions and goals and at the same time she can help give you loving guidance and support in places, and with issues, where you might need some added help. Angel is a rare being and with a light soul spirit self, she will read you a most appealing way. Enjoy her gifted readings, I always have!


Lexi J.

...I also believe that what you've told me so far has come to fruition and been true!


Since I last spoke with you, I have made major career advancements. I am not at the pay I wish to be at, but my responsibilities are more in line with my interests and I have potential for a raise or a promotion by the end of this year! When you gave me a reading in February, I was still an editor. Shortly after your reading, my company made major business changes, and though I was lucky to not have been let go, I was even luckier to be able to explore a new career line with the change. Now I am a host and a producer on multiple successful tiktok channels through my company. Your advice was to stay at my place of employment because a better opportunity suited for me would rise in the spring. and it did!


Thank you for your readings thus far, both have been beneficial and accurate to my life!


Ray L.

Los Angeles, CA

Angel is extremely talented in the psychic field and related healing modalities. After a couple sessions with her, I've gained a lot of insight. She accessed my Akashic records and gave me detailed information of someone I was in a past life and what I was doing, which helped explain a situation in my current one. Angela also gave me the best astrology reading I've ever received. She went into great detail of what my path in life was, which helped me make a really important decision. I've always been skeptical of psychics and mediums but Angel's reading was spot-on. She sent me a message from a deceased relative that was important for me to hear and was able to sense things about me she'd have no way of knowing in advance. I'm thankful for all the information she gave me and the healing I received from her. I can't recommend her enough!



Julia T.

Boston, MA —

My counseling sessions with Angela are always amazing. She helped me resolve an issue with my long time passed grandmother and has put my mind at complete ease. I used to have a lot of fear and anxiety related to that issue and now it's all gone. Can't thank enough for this!

I turned to Angel at the time of great, distress, confusion and uncertainty in my life. I previously visited 2 psychics who were highly rated and accredited, but sessions with them felt transactional and rushed. I felt like Angela really tuned into my world and showed me the way out of chaos. Rather she dispelled the chaos and showed everything in clear, kind light. Angel has very deep, accurate insights, practical advice and endless kindness. After the session I felt like the weight was lifted off my shoulders and I could see my life in a profoundly new, positive way. Thank you for this truly soul healing experience.



Dylan B.

Redondo Beach, CA —

Angel is one of the most powerful healers and clairvoyants I’ve ever met. Her ability to connect to the spirit of her clients is nothing short of extraordinary. I feel more grounded on my path after every time I connect with her. If you’re seeking guidance or healing, look no further. Angel will help with all facets of your being.

Sody C.

Seal Beach, CA —

What is a natal chart? I had never been exposed to it until a colleague referred me to Angel. My colleague did not know much about my life, but she was so excited about her reading with Angel that she told everyone in our office about it. I was skeptical, but also curious. 


I had hit a rough patch in my life. I wanted to know what was going on in my life and what I could do to change the trajectory of the current path. The skepticism quickly evaporated less than a minute into the reading. I had never felt so vulnerable. Angel did not know me before our session and yet she was telling me about my past and present life with pinpoint accuracy.  She only had my natal chart as her guide to navigate through my life. How friggin crazy is that!?!


Angel is crazy knowledgeable and patient because I had a lot of of questions after the session. She has opened my eyes to the possibilities that nothing is too crazy and nothing should be dismissed as being fringe. Thank you Angel!

April W.

Austin, Tx —

Thanks sooo much for your insightful reading! You gleaned & articulated so much information & the affirmations couldn’t have come at a better time. As they say, everything in perfect timing ;) This work is so natural for you & I’m grateful to have your intuition, knowledge & passion on my side!

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