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Angel Dawn

International Psychic Astrologer
Evidential Psychic Medium
Spiritual Teacher


There is the flame of a divinity within you that seeks outer expression.
Let me help you to unlock that door.

Welcome Friend

You've likely come here seeking answers to the pain, confusion, or uncertainty that you're currently confronted with. You're seeking some ray of hope, the highest truth to cut through the obscuring clouds with crystalline clarity so that you achieve some measure of peace.

That is what I'm here for. As a certified spiritual advisor, my mission is to get to the the truth, the deepest truth, the one that underlies your soul's purpose, and the one behind the challenges you currently face. In concert with my spiritual guides, angels and those on your team, I unfold the truths that will illuminate the circumstances of your current predicament and also light the way to a happier and more brilliant you.

Ultimately, I'm working to alleviate suffering of all kinds. Know that I work for your highest good and with the purest of intentions. I am your compassionate friend and the blazing North Star that beckons you to fulfill your waiting destiny.

Love Angel

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